‘Eden’ actor shares story of getting diagnosed with leukemia

‘Eden’ actor shares story of getting diagnosed with leukemia

“Eden” actor Matt Dillon has shared a touching story of overcoming leukemia to help raise awareness of the disease.

In a video posted to his Instagram account on Wednesday, Dillon told the story of a man who had to leave his wife because he was ill.

The video, which has garnered more than 40,000 likes, shows Dillon telling the story to help highlight the importance of life-saving treatments and how to make them as accessible as possible.

“My wife and I were living in New York City, and one day my mother-in-law was having a fever, and I had a bout of pneumonia,” Dillon said.

“I had to go to a hospital, and when I got to the hospital, my doctor said, ‘I have to leave my wife, because she has a fever.’

And I said, well, you know, I have pneumonia.

I had pneumonia for two weeks.

I’m not a doctor, so I’m just gonna leave my husband.”

Dillon told the viewer that he was going to make the same decision when he had a relapse in the hospital and needed help.

“When my wife and mother- in-law are not going to have a bed, or if they are, we’re going to be the ones who have to get to them,” Dillon explained.

“So, we went into the hospital to see if I could take my bed, and my doctor just said, I can’t, because I’m sick.

I was like, well okay, then I can take my mom-in, or my sister-in.”

Dellons mother-insider also shared her own story of cancer treatment, in which she was treated in a private clinic in New Jersey for six weeks, before being diagnosed with the disease in her 30s.

“I was in a very small room,” Dillon recounted.

“It was like a little cubicle, with a chair.

They gave me an intravenous drip.

And I had three hours to be at home.

And then I was in bed, waiting for a dose, and it was just a big pain, a big bump in my chest.

And my mom said, wait a minute.

I have cancer.

I need to go home, I’m going to take my time, and go home.”

Dillons mother also shared how her daughter helped her through her illness and how her mother-daughter relationship has helped her overcome her illness.

“It’s a family,” Dillon told The Hollywood Reporter.

“And I think that they all really care for each other, and they’re all very compassionate.

And so I think there’s a lot of healing that’s happening in my family.

So I’m proud of them for that.”

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