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New Scientist

4 May 2016: In the year 2050, the average global temperature will rise by 2.3 degrees Celsius (5.5 degrees Fahrenheit) and the average rainfall will fall by 7.2 inches (23 cm). 

The first graph, from a recent paper by the authors of this article, shows the warming trends over the past 30 years and the fall in rainfall over that period. 

The second graph, the one below, shows how global temperatures and rainfall have been trending over the last 20 years. 

In the first graph it is apparent that the average temperature has risen by 0.7 degrees Celsius in the 20 years to 2020 and by 0:59% over the same period.

The difference between these two graphs is that the trend for the 20 year period has been a 0.5-degree C (0.2-degree F) increase in the trend of precipitation. 

This is what the graph is telling us.

The average global surface temperature has increased by 0°C over the 20-year period and by 2°C in the 21-year span.

The difference between the two graphs has been the difference between a 0-degree Celsius (0-degree Fahrenheit) increase over the period and a 2-degree-C (3-degreeF) increase.

 What is the connection between climate change and rainfall? 

To understand the answer to this question you need to understand the relationship between temperature and rainfall. 

Temperatures are a function of a number of factors.

As the temperature rises the amount of moisture in the atmosphere increases.

This means that the amount that the air can hold. 

When the air cools the amount is reduced.

This is because the amount in the air is not as concentrated.

The air has a greater surface area and therefore is able to hold more moisture.

The same is true of the amount absorbed by the atmosphere.

In the tropics the air absorbs the majority of the moisture in a season.

The water in the soil is therefore able to move towards the surface and cool the air, but it is unable to hold as much moisture as in the tropic.

However, when the air warms the surface of the atmosphere is warmer and it is possible for water vapour to condense into clouds and the water can move towards and fall to the surface.

The amount of rain falls on the land, so the amount can increase. 

However, the surface layer of the air above the tropopause, where the rain falls, is colder than the lower atmosphere.

This makes it easier for rain to fall on the ground.

How much rainfall does the world need? 

In order to accurately measure rainfall you need two things: a global temperature and a global precipitation.

For this article we will focus on global temperature.

Global temperatures are a measure of the average surface temperature of the planet.

The global average surface temperatures can be measured using the Hadley Centre’s GISS climate dataset.

The Hadley centre is based at the University of East Anglia in the UK.

At the surface temperature we can measure the temperature at the top of the Earth, or the lower part of the world, which is where the water in your garden is coming from.

On the other side of the globe we measure the water vapor in the upper atmosphere.

It is a reflection of the temperatures in the lower layers of the troposphere.

These are measured using satellite altimeters.

We can also measure the precipitation in the middle of the day.

We can measure this with the Global Precipitation Measurement Suite.

A number of countries use different datasets, but we will only be using the dataset from Hadley.

From the Hadleys dataset, we can then calculate the average daily precipitation.

The standard deviation of the daily precipitation is the average of the four precipitation seasons.

To convert the GISS dataset to the Hadys dataset, you can use the following code.

#import “” #import “trending-data/data-gist-gists/datasets/global/rainfall.csv” #output_file(“global_data.csv”, “w”) #print “Total annual precipitation in mm” #print “{}”.format(total_rain_fall) #output(“total_Rainfall”) #outputs(Total_Rain_Fall = “”,””)

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