New rule requires fans to wear neckties when playing NHL games

New rule requires fans to wear neckties when playing NHL games

The NHL has imposed a rule requiring fans to use neckties at games if they want to be in compliance with the league’s concussion policy.

In a release, the league announced the rule, which is in line with the National Hockey League’s concussion guidelines, and said that it will be in effect for the 2017-18 season.

“The NHL is committed to a zero-tolerance policy toward concussions, and we want to ensure our fans are fully informed about the rules and expectations of wearing neckties,” the league said in the release.

“Players, coaches, and fans alike will be subject to the concussion protocol when attending a game, and the league will take all necessary steps to ensure that the policy is enforced.”

Players will also be required to wear a helmet that can be adjusted for each player in a game.

In the past, the NHL has allowed neckties and neck bracelets, and other neck gear to be worn by players.

The rule was first implemented in 2013 and has since been extended to include all players.

According to the NHL, the rule will apply to all players participating in at least six regular season NHL games.

Players with a history of concussion are ineligible for the policy and will be required at all times to wear their helmet, a necktie or neck bracelet, or both, according to the league.

The policy will be reviewed annually and the rulebook will be updated annually.

The NHL will also provide a new concussive protocol for all players who are not part of a team.

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