Why the NHS needs more doctors and nurses

Why the NHS needs more doctors and nurses

More and more patients are choosing to take their health care to the doctor or nurse.

Here are the key points from the latest research.


NHS trusts need more doctors in 2019-20.

The number of primary care doctors in the UK has more than doubled since 2014.

This is partly because of the introduction of the Care Quality Commission’s ‘Better Care’ scheme, but also due to the rising demand for primary care.

As a result, hospitals are now spending more on primary care than ever before, with the NHS budget set to double by 2023.


NHS hospitals need more nurses in 2019.

Nurses are a key part of the NHS workforce, with around 70% of NHS staff being registered nurses.

Nursers are also required to work at least a 30-hour week, with some hospitals offering up to a 45-hour workweek.

But the average nurse works a whopping 80 hours a week, making it difficult to provide enough time for patients and families.


Nursing opportunities in 2020 are limited.

Nurseries are required to meet the new requirements of the Public Health England’s (PHE) ‘Safer Nurses for Healthy Homes’ scheme by 2021, but the majority of them do not.

This has resulted in the NHS relying on the care of people with mental health issues to fill vacancies.

Nursery vacancies have been increasing since PHE introduced its ‘Safer Nurses’ programme, but it is not clear how many more people are going to be needed.


Nurs’ pay is falling.

The average pay for a nurse is £19,000, which is lower than the average pay in England.

However, the average UK salary is £32,000.

Nursing homes are required by PHE to pay a living wage of £7.50 an hour.

This does not take into account overtime, or sick pay, which nurses are required not to do. 5.

Nurser recruitment is growing.

Nursurys are expected to increase recruitment by more than a third by 2020-21.

As the NHS looks to recruit more people, it is crucial to ensure they are well-trained and paid.


NHS nurses need to have the same experience as primary care staff.

In 2020-11, NHS hospitals will have the highest proportion of registered nurses in the country, with about 30% of primary and specialist nursing staff.

However only around 30% are nurses.

Many of the nursing jobs in hospitals are already held by registered nurses, and the NHS cannot offer a training programme to train nursing staff to fill the vacancies.


Nursed staff need to be more flexible.

Nursages need to offer flexible working hours to attract the best candidates.

However it is also important to ensure nurses have access to support, such as telephone counselling, as they are under increasing pressure from employers.


NHS staff need more training.

There is currently a shortage of nurses across the NHS, with more than 500,000 nurses working in care homes.

The National Union of Nursing and Midwifery Professionals (Nuno) has recommended that the NHS should look at training schemes to train nurses.

However the government is yet to respond to this recommendation, and is looking at whether to make the NHS the only provider of nurse training.


The NHS has too many nurses.

There are around 4.8 million nurses across all the NHS trusts, and around 1.7 million of them are registered nurses and the equivalent of a primary care doctor.

The figures suggest there are about 6.4 million registered nurses who are expected by 2031.

The UK currently has more registered nurses than any other country in the world, but this number is expected to rise by almost 20% by 2021.


The government needs to ensure all staff are paid the same.

The Government needs to review its ‘Care Quality Commission’ guidelines for all NHS hospitals, which have the potential to make it easier for staff to earn less.

These guidelines have been criticised for favouring the health service over other professions, with NHS hospitals currently earning less than other professions such as retail.

However these guidelines should be revised in line with the ‘Sustainable Care’ framework.


Nursing staff are under pressure.

As we look to recruit staff for the NHS in 2020-20, we should ensure that nurses and other staff are supported by the same quality of care that patients receive.

It is also vital that nurses have the skills and experience to be ready for a range of different roles, and that they are prepared to work with people who may not be able to provide the same level of care.

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