Dragon vein agates attract more visitors than diamonds – Al Jazeera

Dragon vein agates attract more visitors than diamonds – Al Jazeera

The popularity of agate has risen in recent years in China.

With its dark green color, the mineral is often referred to as a dark green rock.

In a new video, researchers from the National Geological Institute of China (NGIAC) demonstrate that agate agate is the most popular and lucrative mineral in the world.

In the video, a scientist shows a collection of dragon vein stones in a field in Hubei Province, China.

They are covered with a thick layer of silicate minerals, which are usually used in the making of gemstones.

They come from the same type of rock as the agate.

The scientist then shows how to use the stones to make gemstones, like diamonds.

The stones are also used to make ceramics and other products, as well as jewelry.

They can be used for making jewellery and other items in China, and the researchers say that this is why agate was the most common mineral used in gemstone production.

“It’s a very popular mineral, because of its color, and because of the high purity,” the NGIAC’s Professor Xiao Guofeng told Al Jazeera.

“This mineral is widely used, but the amount of gem material produced is relatively low.

Agate has a very high purity, which means that it is very hard to break.”

According to Professor Xiao, the high quantity of agates produced in China are not enough to satisfy the demand.

“If we are going to produce more gems, we will have to start making more of this mineral,” he said.

In recent years, China has been adding agates to the country’s mineral resources.

The country has more than 4,000 gem-producing sites, many of which are in the Hubeic and Qinghai provinces.

A few years ago, China started using agate in the production of gems.

The demand for gemstones in China has grown due to its economic development, the government said in a statement in January.

“In this era of rapid development and economic expansion, we have been able to harness the economic potential of agite to produce a lot of gems,” the statement read.

“Agate can also be used to create gems in high quality, but we do not know how much gem material is produced.

As the number of gem producers grows, so do the number who will make it to be able to sell their gems to the highest bidder.”

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