Dogs have been found to have an abnormal form of blood clotting, which may be causing a rise in cases of cerebral palsy

Dogs have been found to have an abnormal form of blood clotting, which may be causing a rise in cases of cerebral palsy

Dogs are being blamed for a rise last year in the number of people diagnosed with cerebral palsies in the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that between November 2015 and March 2016, the number more than doubled in the first quarter of 2017.

A total of 2,897 people were diagnosed with the disease, according to the report.

Those cases were mostly in people younger than 35, who are more likely to have the condition.

The increase was the highest for the last five years, the report said.

The new data also showed the number fell in the Midwest, which includes Illinois and Indiana, where the disease is more common.

“This is a troubling trend,” said Dr. Peter Schaffner, a neurologist at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center.

“There is clearly something going on.”

Schaffner has seen dogs with the condition before, but he wasn’t aware of the spike until he started studying the data.

The problem could be the result of an increase in vaccinations, he said.

“The more you get them, the more likely it is that they will be more vulnerable,” Schaffger said.

“I think the more we get vaccinated, the less susceptible they become to the disease.”

A few dogs with CPTD are also being tested to see if they have the genetic mutation that causes it.

Cephalic vein dogs are born with abnormal blood vessels in the brain.

If the blood vessels get too narrow, the dog can have problems walking, breathing or swallowing.

Doctors typically treat the condition with medications and a course of physical therapy, but some dogs, especially those with a mutation that makes them more susceptible, have had more severe problems.

A spokesman for the National Institutes of Health said he wasn, too.

The agency doesn’t have any information on how many dogs have been affected, and there is no known cure.

“Cepheroplepsy is a very complex disease,” said John J. Smith, the institute’s vice president of science and technology.

“It requires the best possible care to the patient.

This is a disease that is complex, it requires a lot of expertise and a lot more testing.”

Researchers at the NIH’s National Center for Biotechnology Information are looking at whether genetic mutations can be used to treat CPTDs.

The research is in the early stages, but the researchers have already identified a few genes that could help in the treatment.

For example, a gene that encodes a protein that helps to keep blood vessels at bay might help in treating CPT, Smith said.

The NIH said it hopes the results will help doctors better understand the disease.

The National Institutes for Health said it didn’t know if CPT was spreading to dogs because of the increase in cases.

“It’s hard to know for sure,” Smith said, but added that “the number of cases are growing.”

Cepheus is a chronic, life-threatening condition in which blood vessels fill with fluid and become blocked.

Doctors typically treat it with medication, but sometimes they have to inject it intravenously.

The condition can be treated with an antibiotic and surgery.

Symptoms include shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and difficulty swallowing.

Dogs can have the disorder for several years before their symptoms become severe.

It can be hard to tell if a dog is having a CPTd until symptoms become more severe.CPT is caused by a gene mutation in the gene for an enzyme called amyloid beta, or beta-amyloid.

People with this mutation are born without amyloids, a protein found in blood.

CPT is characterized by severe neurological and developmental problems.

It was first described in the 1980s and is thought to be caused by mutations in the amylon gene, which makes up about half of all people in the U.S.

Scientists don’t know how many people have it or how many other genes have been altered.

They do know that the CPT gene is found in a significant number of dogs.

The CPT-A mutation makes up a large part of the gene and is inherited in some dogs.

Researchers are still looking for clues about how the Cephean virus mutated, so they can determine how to treat the problem.

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