The biggest GOP donors are already moving to Nevada: A POLITICO investigation

The biggest GOP donors are already moving to Nevada: A POLITICO investigation

By Chris Vannucci and Jeff HorwitzFebruary 26, 2018 6:45pm ESTAs Republicans gather in Las Vegas for their winter retreat, they’re taking a moment to consider what they can learn from Nevada’s caucuses.

Nevada’s caucuses are shaping up to be the most consequential primary since 1984, when Ronald Reagan won a landslide victory over George McGovern, who won a mere 14% of the vote.

And the state’s Republican Party is bracing for a wave of new voters who might not even show up in person.

The Nevada caucuses could provide an early indicator of how the GOP’s presidential field will shape up in the coming months, and what it might look like if the candidates don’t make it to the national conventions in August.

Republicans have spent years preparing for the prospect of Trump as their nominee, and they’ve spent years trying to make sure that the Republican Party’s future is secure.

But for now, the party’s front-runner is on a roll.

In a survey by POLITICO, the top 10 GOP donors in Nevada are all concentrated in Las Veneznes.

The top five donors are from Las Vegas.

And of the top 20 donors in Las Venes, just four are from New York.

And Nevada has the fourth-highest number of GOP donors as a percentage of the population than any other state in the country.

A POLITICO analysis of data from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics found that of the roughly 100 million people who participated in the caucuses, just under half of them had no contact with a candidate in the last 12 months.

The rest had no idea who their top campaign donor was, a lack of information that could put them at risk of a devastating loss if they lose in November.

That lack of access has led to a flood of cash into Nevada, as many of the most wealthy donors have already committed to spending big in the state, and the most generous donors have pledged to spend as much as $100 million to boost Republican turnout.

Nevadans are increasingly aware that the GOP is in trouble.

A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll finds that more than two-thirds of Nevadans (66%) think the GOP should change its tone to appeal to young voters, which has long been a core constituency of the party.

Only 24% think it should keep its conservative core intact.

And a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll found that more Nevada voters now think the state should allow transgender people to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity rather than allowing those protections to be used by their parents.

A majority (54%) say that allowing trans people to opt out of school bathrooms would make things worse, while a slim majority (51%) say it would make them a lot better.

And even among Republicans, a majority (55%) think that allowing transgender people access to bathrooms and locker rooms should be allowed.

The Republican Party has been in the news lately for the way that it has dealt with sexual assault allegations.

A slew of women have come forward to accuse the party of not doing enough to prevent or prosecute sexual assault and harassment, and a number of its top officials have resigned or been fired.

In the aftermath of that scandal, a number to a number combination of Republican lawmakers in Nevada have come out against any sort of change in the party platform, while others have said they believe the party needs to take a hard look at whether the platform should be changed.

Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, the highest-ranking Republican in the Senate, called the allegations against the party “scandalous,” while Republican Sen. Joe Heck of Nevada has said that he’s not sure whether or not there should be a change to the party Platform.

A few days ago, the Nevada Republican Party sent a letter to its state committee to explain why it believes the party should not move forward with a platform change.

“The current platform is in need of major changes to address many of our core issues, including the recent sexual misconduct allegations, as well as the increasing prevalence of rape and domestic violence,” the letter reads.

“We are disappointed that the party leadership did not listen to our concerns and instead chose to ignore the many requests from our members to address the issues raised by the recent revelations.”

The party has made a number changes to the platform since the scandal erupted, and many of them have been well received by party members.

But some of the changes have been controversial, with many party leaders questioning the wisdom of those changes and calling for the party to return to the old policies of the Reagan era.

One of those policy changes is the inclusion of a “sexual harassment policy” in the platform.

The current party platform does not include such a policy, but a draft of the new one that will be released in August includes a call to “exercise strong oversight” over how sexual harassment is handled by the party and how it’s handled by other organizations.

The RNC says it will work with the party in the future to ensure that sexual harassment policies are “in line

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