‘Pornhub’ stars who have gone public with sexual harassment claim that it’s their fault

‘Pornhub’ stars who have gone public with sexual harassment claim that it’s their fault

An Australian porn star has spoken out after admitting that her employers’ views of her have influenced her decision to go public with her story of sexual harassment.

Key points:Eva Longoria, 37, said her bosses were not interested in seeing her as a performer, but in her career as a womanEmma Stone and Mia Khalifa have been accused of sexual misconductEmma is now working on her first filmEmma said that she was offered the same kind of treatment as other women when she first began working for pornhub.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Ms Longoria said that while she has never had any sort of physical or sexual harassment by her employers, it was always about her career.

“When I was younger, I was a bit of a weirdo,” she said.

“I was always a bit shy and I was always embarrassed by who I was.

I had to get a lot of confidence and I couldn’t do it.”

It was always like, ‘We can’t see you in your underwear or what you’re doing because it’s just too embarrassing.’

“But when she was in her early 20s, Ms Shortoria said her boss at the time approached her and offered to put her in the position of being “part of the product”.”

My boss said ‘We know that you are a pretty young, beautiful woman and you’ve been working in the industry for quite some time and you are quite successful but there are a few things you can do better.’

“So we wanted to make sure that she had a chance to do something with her life and make her feel comfortable.”

The Huffington Post spoke to Ms Shorty, who also has worked in a number of other entertainment industry industries, about the experience.

She said that her bosses told her that it was her job to please them, and that the company was not interested.

“But then I just realised that it wasn’t about me, it’s about the company and it was about being the best thing for them,” Ms Shortys said.

Emma and Mia are now working together on a new film.

The interview with Ms Shorto was conducted by the Huffington Live blog.

Read moreAbout Emma StoneThe HuffPost Live is a platform for the news, opinion and culture of Australian and New Zealand audiences.

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