The real face of the Muslim Brotherhood

The real face of the Muslim Brotherhood

The real name of the Brotherhood is Mohamed ElBaradei, not Ahmed Mohamed, and he was born in Palestine in 1941.

He was raised in Egypt, the birthplace of the revolution that brought to power a revolutionary government that overthrew the monarchy and established an Islamic republic.

Egypt is a former colony of Syria.

In 1952, ElBaradesi was a political prisoner in the Egyptian military, sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

After the fall of the monarchy, he returned to Egypt to run a publishing house that would become the Islamic Association of Egypt.

The Brotherhood, which has been around for decades, gained prominence after the revolution.

The group was founded in 1979, but it was banned in 1981 and outlawed again in 1994 after a wave of protests against it.

In 1999, the Brotherhood, under the leadership of Ahmed Shafiq, won the elections for the first time in decades.

Shafi, who died in 2011, was Egypt’s first freely elected president.

In 2006, he founded the Muslim Brothers, a group that has led the Arab Spring movement.

It also won the Egyptian elections in 2009.

Egypt has a Sunni majority and has had a number of violent protests in recent years, but in recent months, the Muslim League, an Islamic political party, has been a key player in the protests, as have the pro-reform Free Egyptians Party, which is supported by many Brotherhood members.

The Islamic Brotherhood, as a group, has long sought to establish itself in the region.

In 2009, it launched a massive online campaign in Egypt to build support for its position.

The online campaign was part of a broader campaign called The Resistance, which began in early 2011 and included a television show, an online radio station and a YouTube channel that promoted the Brotherhood’s agenda.

The Egyptian military overthrew Morsi in July 2013, and the military has been in power since.

The military has also been accused of using torture against demonstrators, and its crackdown on protesters has led to the deaths of hundreds of demonstrators.

The Muslim Brothers was founded as a political party in 1981, but since then it has been involved in various social and economic issues.

ElBaradi, who has lived in the United States since 1994, founded the organization and served as its first chairman.

He later became president of the organization’s international advisory board.

The International Islamic Council of Egypt (IIICE), a network of Islamist political parties and groups in the Middle East, is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

The IIICE has been active in the Arab and Muslim world for years, and is a key part of the U.S. policy in the area, especially in the U., the Middle Eastern and African region, and in the Muslim world.

The organization has a history of supporting the Brotherhood.

According to the Brotherhood-backed news website Al-Ahram, the IIICEs primary aim is to “make a statement against the imperialist powers, and to prevent the Muslims from taking over countries and territories in the Levant, Africa and the Near East.”

It has also long been active as a terrorist organization, supporting Hamas and other groups in Gaza and Lebanon.

The two groups also are linked.

In 2012, the U-S.

State Department listed the III as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization,” which makes it a designated terrorist organization under the U,S.

Treasury Department.

It is illegal for the U of S to designate a foreign terrorist organization.

The designation can be revoked at any time by Congress.

The U.N. Security Council also has designated the IIi as a designated foreign terrorist group.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a global body, also has its own anti-Muslim hate group.

In 2016, the OIC said that the IIis “incitement to violence against Jews, Christians and others is its main aim.”

It is also accused of funding the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and the Muslim Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, a Palestinian group that the U.-S.

and Israel consider terrorist groups.

The OIC has also expressed support for the Muslim Liberation Organization, a designated terror group, as well as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group that it considers a terror organization.

There is also the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, which the OICS says is “the Islamic State that is supported and directed by the Islamic Emirate of Iraq, which seeks to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the Greater Middle East and elsewhere.”

The OICS also said that “ISIS aims to establish a caliphate in the Islamic Caliphate in the whole of the Islamic world.”

The United States, which formally recognizes the IIicEs terrorist designation, also formally condemns its acts.

The State Department has said that while the IIIs activities are a “threat to U. S. interests,” they are not the type of terrorist group the United Sates considers a foreign threat.

The Department of State has said its officials “do not consider the IIici as terrorists,” but the designation itself does not prevent U. States from targeting

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