Why Vigor and veins are a great combo

Why Vigor and veins are a great combo

The most obvious combo in fighting game history was Vigor, and we’re here to prove it.

Both the character and character’s combo are incredibly well-done.

Let’s talk about the difference between a normal combo and a Vigor combo.

In the first few frames of your animation, you can hit the button and do whatever you want.

You can do anything you want in that first frame.

If you have any idea what you want to do, you don’t need to press anything, and you can’t cancel the move (unless you use a move like Vigor Cancel, which will cancel your entire combo into the next frame).

It’s a very simple mechanic, but it’s incredibly powerful in the right hands.

When you hit a V, it’s actually a pretty easy combo.

You’re essentially hitting the button with the direction of your punch, and that direction will determine where your punch will land.

You could do a V for a straight punch, a V followed by a punch, or a V in front of a kick, which would land in front.

The key is that you need to have a way to predict what you’re going to do in those three frames, and in order to do that, you need an idea of what you are doing in the other two frames.

That is the key to Vigor combos.

The way that you do that is by thinking in a way that’s more predictable.

For example, when you start an attack, you’re probably thinking, “I’m going to try and hit my opponent in the side.”

And then, as you get closer to the opponent, you start thinking, and then your next punch, you have a little bit more control over where your attack lands.

This is the same kind of thought process that you use when you think about combos, so you know what you can do, and what you don-t know.

That’s where Vigor comes in.

Vigor is a combination of what we call “situational thinking” and “moment-to-moment thinking.”

It’s not the same as the traditional combo, which is a very linear combination.

The traditional combo is a linear combination of two attacks, and if you want the opponent to hit you in the middle of the combo, you want them to hit one of them.

V is a way of thinking, of “This is what I want to hit, and this is what the opponent is going to hit me in the end.”

So when you hit the buttons, you are making a choice about what to do based on what you already know.

The important thing about this combo is that V doesn’t have a huge range.

You have to decide exactly where you want your attack to land, and the range of V is much larger than that.

When V hits, it will hit the opponent on the left side of the screen, or the opponent that is facing you, depending on the angle you are facing.

So if you are at a neutral stance, you will hit your opponent in front, or you will have to hit the side.

In other words, you won’t hit a guy in front if you were in a neutral posture, and it’s going to take a little longer for V to hit than if you’re facing him in the air.

V also has a different set of options when you perform V-cancels, which are similar to what we’ve seen in other fighting games.

This V-move, the V-reverse, has the same effect as V-triangle, but you can cancel it.

In fact, if you do the reverse, you actually have two options, one is to cancel the V and the other is to perform a counterhit.

For the V move, if your opponent is facing the direction you are currently facing, you should be able to hit him on the side, or slightly on the front.

If they are facing you from the front, you’ll want to cancel your attack, and your counterhit will cancel it as well.

If their direction is facing away from you, they will hit you on the rear, or possibly the side in a counter-hit.

This move has a very similar range to V-circle, and there are also some really nice options for V-dash and V-throw.

This version of V-air, which can be used with a V-jump, is a little more complicated.

V-aerial is similar to the V throw, except it has two options instead of just one.

If your opponent’s direction is towards you, you might want to use a V aerial.

If it’s your opponent, however, you’d probably want to make the move with a throw instead.

V air has a lot of options.

It has a ton of options for when you are fighting someone in the corner.

If that’s the case, you could do V aerials with your punch or the kick, or vice versa.

If the opponent’s

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