When you have a pregnancy, what you need to know about the red veins

When you have a pregnancy, what you need to know about the red veins

Right pulmonary vein (RVP) right vein (RPV) is the narrow vein running through the upper right side of the lungs and into the chest cavity.

The RVP is responsible for breathing and swallowing.

The RPV is responsible, along with the left ventricle, for the heart.

In rare cases, it can be enlarged, which may be a complication.

If you have the RVP, you can breathe through it, but you can’t swallow.

You also need to drink fluids through the left RVP and the RPV, as well as through the RBP (right pulmonary vein).

You need to monitor your RVP closely because it is the only artery that can supply blood to your heart.

Your baby will be born with an abnormal RVP or RBP.

If this occurs, the RDP (right ventricles pulmonary artery) can rupture and bleed into the lungs.

This is an emergency situation that you should call the midwife or midwife’s office immediately.

What to do if you have symptoms of an enlarged RVP You need urgent care at home because: the RPP (right parenchyma) is swollen and could bleed out if it is left untreated The RDP is swollen If your RPP is swollen, you may need to have a CT scan to see if it has ulceration or inflammation.

If it has inflammation, it is a sign of infection.

If the RFP (right peripheral vein) is swelling and does not drain easily, you could have an enlarged left parenchymal vein.

You need immediate medical care If the swelling of the RRP (right renal vein) persists or if your left RRP is swollen even more, you need urgent medical care.

You could have a condition called hypovolemic shock syndrome, which is when your blood pressure goes too high and causes swelling and bleeding of the kidney, liver, heart, and spleen.

You should also check your liver to make sure it is functioning normally.

Your doctor may give you an injection to try to prevent bleeding.

If your blood pressures stay high, your kidneys and liver can stop working properly and you could die.

You can also have an infection of the liver, called cirrhosis.

If that happens, your liver could die and your blood can’t reach the kidneys.

This could lead to liver failure, which could cause organ damage and death.

If these symptoms occur more than three weeks after a baby is born, your doctor may recommend emergency surgery to repair the damage.

If they are not severe enough, they can be treated with an anti-inflammatory medication.

How to get medical help If you or a family member has any of the following symptoms, call your local emergency department or your doctor: severe swelling of your right RPP or RRP

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