New South Wales: Vaginal vein sampling to help fight Zika virus

New South Wales: Vaginal vein sampling to help fight Zika virus

NEW SOUTH WESTERN Australia is to begin collecting vaginal and external varicoses for testing after Queensland’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr James Dickey, warned there could be an increased risk of the virus being passed from person to person.

Dr Dickey has said he believes that if it was not for testing, Queenslanders would be exposed to a large number of people with the virus and the number of cases could increase dramatically.

The state has previously started to collect nasal and other blood samples to check for antibodies to the virus.

But Dr Dickey said there was no evidence of any increase in the number or severity of cases of the Zika virus.

“I do think there are concerns, there’s evidence of increased cases, but there’s not any evidence that we’re seeing a pandemic of Zika virus, Dr Dicky told reporters on Tuesday.”

It’s important that we collect these samples and we do do it in a safe and effective way.

“Dr Dicky said he was not aware of any studies that had found a correlation between the increased cases and the increased number of blood samples being collected.”

There’s no evidence that the levels of virus in blood has increased, so I’m not aware,” he said.”

We’ll be following up on that and making sure that we have sufficient blood samples and they’re collected correctly.””

It is a risk, but I’m aware of no evidence at the moment to suggest that this is a pandemic.

“This is just a very small amount of virus, so we’re certainly not at risk.”

Dr Dicker said there were concerns that Zika virus would spread by air travel, especially between countries that were at high risk for the virus, but did not know the reasons for the current delay in testing.

“In the air travel business, you’re seeing the trend of the increase of air travel in the US, particularly from the Northeast, in the last few years,” he told reporters.

“But you also have the trend to increase in China, Japan and elsewhere.”

So there’s a number of factors.

“He said there needed to be an increase in public awareness, but he also urged caution and caution was a must in the coming months.”

The next two to three months is the time when we need to get a handle on that, and if we can get a good handle on what we’re doing right, and get people in that position where they’re not too concerned about the risk, then we’re going to see a lot more cases,” Dr Dicker added.”

And then you’ve got the issue of the increased transmission of the viruses and the spread, which means that we’ve got to get people to the right place.

If we’re not careful, the risk to public health in some regions will increase, and then we can have a pandemia in some parts of the world.””

It does require the public to be careful,” Dr David Winton, a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Sydney, told reporters after the announcement.

“If we’re not careful, the risk to public health in some regions will increase, and then we can have a pandemia in some parts of the world.”

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