Which is worse: The flu or the flu?

Which is worse: The flu or the flu?

With the flu season in full swing, it’s time to ask what’s worse: the flu or a flu shot.

This infographic, created by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, takes a look at the two different strains of the flu, which have different flu symptoms and can lead to death.

The infographic is also divided into four main categories: The most common symptoms, which can include flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose, muscle aches and muscle ache and fever, followed by the most severe symptoms, such as a fever of 104 degrees or higher, a cough of more than 90 decibels and a fever greater than 104.

The most severe of these are the flu shots, which are generally administered with a syringe and administered by a doctor or nurse.

Here’s a breakdown of the symptoms of the two strains: The more common symptoms include fever, coughing, runnier than usual, weakness, headache, muscle pain and muscle stiffness.

They can also include a high fever of 105 degrees or above, or severe muscle achea, muscle weakness or a low fever of 94 degrees or below.

This is followed by severe muscle pain, weakness and muscle soreness.

In the rarest of circumstances, a person with severe muscle sorement may also have a fever above 104.

These conditions are called anaerobic symptoms and are very serious.

It is important to see your doctor immediately if these conditions occur.

The more severe of the three types of symptoms is known as an acute, meaning the person can still breathe and can still feel their muscles.

This condition can be fatal.

The other type of flu symptom is the respiratory flu, also known as a respiratory syndrome.

This form of flu can cause severe cough and runny noses.

They usually happen when a person has a cold, but can also be caused by other things such as flu vaccines.

The respiratory flu is a mild form of the influenza virus that can cause a mild fever, but there are a few more severe forms of the respiratory virus.

The severity of the underlying conditions and symptoms of anaerobia vary.

Symptoms of an aero-immune condition such as pneumonia can last for months or years.

In extreme cases, a death can occur from respiratory illness.

However, most people recover in about two weeks.

This can be due to the body’s immune system fighting off the virus.

A person can also develop pneumonia and be brought to the hospital.

The worst cases of pneumonia in the UK have been caused by pneumonia from a person who had pneumonia from influenza and the body had stopped fighting off flu, meaning they did not develop pneumonia.

If the respiratory illness is severe, the person may have to be brought in by air ambulance, which is the preferred method of transport.

If they are brought in alive, the chances of survival are very low.

Symptoms from the respiratory system can also lead to respiratory arrest, or even death.

This means that a person’s lungs are not able to work properly.

The chances of dying are higher if someone is not properly resuscitated or they have no breathing tube, which usually involves a mask.

There are several ways that people can get an acute respiratory illness, including: Breathing through their nose If a person breathes through their nasal passages or through their mouth, it is possible for that person to become infected with a respiratory infection.

This may cause pneumonia or death.

Symptoms include coughing, difficulty breathing, chest pain, fever, headache and muscle pain.

If this happens, the lungs will not work properly and may become infected.

Breathing by mouth If a child or young person is holding a child in their arms or is being held in a car seat, this may lead to an infection of the airway.

This infection can cause pneumonia and can cause the respiratory disease.

Breathe in through the nose If someone is breathing through their nostrils, this can also cause pneumonia.

The risk of contracting the respiratory infection is very low if the person does not have symptoms or signs of an acute infection.

Symptoms may include cough, difficulty breath, cough and throat tightness, or coughing up blood.

If you notice signs of pneumonia or respiratory infection, call your GP or hospital immediately.

A respiratory infection in the chest This is an extremely serious condition.

It can lead with pneumonia, death or even permanent brain damage.

This illness is rare, but if it occurs, it can have a serious impact on a person and their family.

Symptoms can include coughing up bloody mucus, difficulty making a sound, pain in the lungs, weakness in the arms, legs and chest and severe weakness.

If it occurs while you are having a cold or you are lying in bed, call 999.

The symptoms of this condition are similar to pneumonia, but are much less severe.

If a parent or sibling or someone else in the family is experiencing symptoms of a respiratory illness or if someone who is having pneumonia is being admitted to hospital, contact your GP.

You can also contact your local hospital or hospital emergency department if you

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