What the fuck is a CTE?

What the fuck is a CTE?

Here are the most popular questions asked on CTE research and research sites, according to an Oxford University study.


What is CTE and how is it diagnosed?

CTE is a degenerative brain disease that causes symptoms similar to dementia.

Symptoms may include memory loss, concentration and reasoning problems, and may progress to Alzheimer’s disease.


Is CTE linked to football?

Yes, but it’s not the only risk factor for CTE.

It’s also associated with other types of sports, including soccer and volleyball.


What does CTE do to people?

C: CTE can cause lasting brain damage that can affect cognitive function.

Symptoms can include memory problems, dementia and changes in mood and behaviour.


Can I recover from CTE, and can I keep playing?


The symptoms associated with CTE are often mild and transient, meaning they can be treated with rest and medication.

CTE symptoms may last for a short time or be permanent, but the brain damage associated with the disease is permanent.

The disease is treatable with rest, medication and other therapies.


Is there a cure?

No, but some people have recovered and returned to full activity.

In the UK, research into CTE continues.

Researchers are hoping to identify the gene that causes CTE as early as next year, although it will take some time to establish the cause.


What are some symptoms of CTE that can be helped?

Anecdotal reports have suggested that playing football can cause memory loss and confusion, which can lead to poor concentration and thinking, and impaired judgement.


Is it possible to get CTE from football?

The only way to be certain is to take part in a regular game, but that doesn’t mean it will happen.

Researchers have suggested it could be possible to mimic football in a way that will cause the same symptoms, but with a shorter time between the initial symptoms and a recovery period.


What’s the difference between CTE vs dementia?

There is no difference in the way that the two diseases work.

Both CTEs and dementia are caused by degenerative changes to the brain.

C: Causes Alzheimer’s and is also associated to soccer and other sports.

D: Causes dementia and is associated to the flu and other illnesses.


What causes CTV?

CTV is a form of brain damage caused by repetitive stress.

Researchers believe the process of damage can be triggered by repetitive brain activity, which is what leads to CTE in some cases.

It can also be caused by a lack of awareness of what is going on, a lack the ability to think clearly, or a lack awareness of the risks of doing something.

The more damage you have to do to the structure of the brain, the more it can damage.

The damage can also occur over a long period of time, affecting the brain’s ability to process information.


How does CTV cause CTE or dementia?

C and D both involve changes in brain function.

CTV results in loss of memory and concentration.

When the brain is under stress, there’s a loss of neurons, which produce chemical messengers that cause the body to send out signals.

These signals can then be sent to other parts of the body, causing damage.

Scientists believe the changes caused by CTV may be triggered in part by a deficiency in the activity of certain proteins that have been linked to CTV.


What can be done about CTE if I’m not diagnosed?

The best way to reduce the risk of CTV and dementia is to be aware of your risk factors and to make lifestyle changes to reduce your risk.

If you have a family history of C-TE, be sure to talk to your doctor about the possibility of the disease.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) recommends that you take a sleep and wake test every two months.

It also suggests that you eat a diet rich in protein and fibre, which have been shown to reduce CTE risk.


How do I find out if I have CTE after I’ve retired?

It’s possible to detect CTE by checking your brain scans or MRI.

If your brain scan indicates CTE the first step is to check whether you are a person who has suffered CTE over a period of years, or who has experienced mild symptoms.

You can also check your MRI results by checking the scan results on the CTE database.


How can I get CTV treatment?

You can start by talking to your GP or other health care provider about whether you have CTV, and whether treatment is available.

If the symptoms of your CTE have progressed over time, a CT scan may be needed to rule out other causes.

In some cases, brain scans can also reveal the cause of the symptoms.

It is also possible to go for tests for CTV or dementia by talking with a neurologist.

If all else fails, you can have a neuropsychological test

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