Why are some people more prone to renal vein and blood clotting?

Why are some people more prone to renal vein and blood clotting?

A group of researchers from Australia’s University of Adelaide have uncovered some intriguing evidence for a link between blood clot-related infections and kidney vein thymus, a large blood vessel in the liver.

The researchers, led by Dr Peter Bickerton from the University of Sydney’s School of Medicine, looked at data from more than 50,000 people in the UK and found that people with kidney vein-related disease were more likely to have severe kidney thymic thromboembolism (THM), which is an infection in the blood vessels of the liver that leads to kidney failure.

“We have shown that the rate of THM is about 10 times higher in people with severe renal vein disease than in those without kidney vein disease,” Dr Bickert said.

“This suggests that THM may be a risk factor for kidney thrombos.”

“Thymic Thromboabnormalities are common in people of renal vein type, which is what we’re interested in here,” he said.

The research, published in the Australian Journal of Public Health, also found that kidney vein infections are more common in women than men, with women suffering more severe infections than men.

“Men are also more likely than women to have thymomas, and they also have more thymomastases in their blood,” Dr Cottle said.

He said there was evidence that women were more vulnerable to infection, which may explain why women tend to have more severe kidney vein THM infections.

“There are a lot of risk factors for THM and we do know that men are more likely,” Dr Rizzo said.”[We] think that it’s probably related to the way they have been raised.”

Dr Cottles findings suggest the association between thymoma and blood clots is not causal.

“If we do have a link with thymocytopenia, then we need to know why,” Dr Cozzens said.

Dr Cattles and Dr Razzoli said they were hoping to understand the underlying mechanism that made some people at high risk for THMs more likely.

“These are very interesting findings, but there’s a lot more work to be done,” Dr Kettner said.

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