How to heal a broken eye vein

How to heal a broken eye vein

When a vein breaks it can be the most painful thing you will ever experience.

Here are some simple tips to help prevent a tear from developing.


Wear a face mask as soon as possible 2.

Make sure you wear protective eyewear during the procedure to protect your eyes and other parts of your body 3.

Wear gloves when working with a person with a broken vein 4.

Avoid close contact with your eyes until you are well enough to go home 5.

Avoid drinking liquids containing alcohol for at least 2 hours 6.

Make a plan of action for when you feel more confident with your decision 7.

Ask your doctor if you need a blood test 8.

Take blood pressure medications for several weeks before your procedure 9.

Keep a list of the people you are concerned about in case you need to contact them later 10.

Wear earplugs when working in a loud room 11.

Avoid going to the doctor while in the presence of a blood clot.

This can lead to a problem with your blood clotting 12.

Check with your doctor to make sure you have enough fluids for the procedure 13.

Drink lots of fluids when you have to work in cold weather 14.

If you have a history of kidney stones, check with your surgeon to make certain you are taking the right medication 15.

Don’t forget to take vitamin B12 supplements.


Remember that you are not the only one who has a broken finger 17.

Keep your eyes open and wear a good mask to protect yourself 18.

Always wear protective clothing and make sure that you get enough rest 19.

Check your medication every day and check with the doctor every couple of hours 20.

Don a protective face mask whenever you are able to for any reason 21.

Be careful when you take your blood pressure medication as there can be a chance of a clot forming 22.

Check for any signs of a stroke or heart attack in advance of the procedure.

If they do occur, it may be necessary to go to hospital.

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