Veneer builds on axillary vein in northern Alberta

Veneer builds on axillary vein in northern Alberta

Veneers have been put into the Axillary vein, which is used to help with the growth of stem cells in the body.

“It’s going to be quite a while before we get to that, but we’re getting closer,” said Dr. Mike Gendron, an associate professor at the University of Calgary and a stem cell researcher.

“There’s some good news in terms of that.”

The project is part of a broader effort to improve stem cell research.

The new stem cell study involves the development of a new treatment for spinal cord injury.

The treatment, known as Doxorubicin, involves injecting a drug into the spinal cord and then using a needle to inject the blood into the injured area.

The drug is administered intravenously through a vein.

Gendrons team hopes to see a clinical trial of Doxo-1 and Doxi-1 in the next few months.

“The hope is that this treatment can eventually be administered to a patient in a surgical setting, which will allow them to be in a functional environment for the treatment,” he said.

The new treatment is being tested in mice.

“There’s a lot of interest from animal studies to try and understand how the drug works in vivo and how it affects the spinal system,” Gendros said.

A few of the trials that have been conducted on the treatment are already underway.

“In addition to that there’s a trial that is looking at people with spinal cord injuries,” Genderron said.

“We’ll be taking those patients on as well as our other patients and looking at how it works in the clinical setting.”

There’s no timeline yet for when the treatment could be rolled out to the general population.

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